In Bloom

During my last studio night, I created three very different necklaces. As I sat back and looked at the completed pieces, I couldn’t find any connecting thread between them. But the next time I went outside, I saw that everything fit together more than I’d consciously realized.

When we moved into our house, it was the first of February. We had no idea what was in store when the flowers and trees began to bud and blossom. Sometime in mid-March, however, our yard exploded in color. The pergola where we sat outdoors to read and talk and take our evening cocktails was practically smothered in purple wisteria. The snowball bush behind it was bursting with white. The Japanese maple between them sprouted beautiful dark red leaves.

This is now our third spring in this house, and the yearly cataclysm of color is no less inspiring, as you’ll see from the three pieces I made this week.

New Leaf Necklace


Snowdrop Necklace


Wisteria Double-Strand Necklace


~ by admin on April 10, 2011.