Here We Go!

“Wheresoever she was, there was Eden.”
Excerpts from Adam’s Diary, Mark Twain

In the fall of 2010, after months casting about for some enjoyable-yet-semi-productive use of my free time, and after much deliberation and many hours of loitering at Hobby Lobby, I decided to try making jewelry. I’d never considered myself especially crafty, and most past artistic efforts had ended in utter deflation, but the idea of being able to create my own custom-made pieces was very appealing to me. Besides,  the start-up set was only $17, so if nothing else, I figured I’d get at least $20 worth of accessories out of the deal.

The first night I opened my starter box, I made two pairs of earrings and two bracelets. Out of practically nothing! I was instantly hooked. I began with the instructions and patterns included with my supplies, but quickly branched out to my own designs. In my newbie fervor, I posted pictures of my work on Facebook, and almost immediately was asked where I sold my stuff. I looked at my fumbling first efforts and laughed, knowing I could never expect anyone to pay for what I was producing. And then I made some more, buying supplies with the insurance money I received when most of my own jewelry was stolen during a break-in. I knew I could never replace those sentimentally-valuable pieces, but creating something with my own hands was much more meaningful than going on a shopping spree.

Over the last six months, I’ve been learning, working, practicing, designing, re-working, and wearing an ever-increasing supply of hand-made jewelry.  I love the effort, and I very often love the result. (Which of course sounds terribly proud, but if you saw what I did in pottery class, you’d cut me some slack in the artistic pride department.)

I’ve also loved giving my pieces as gifts, and spreading a little of the joy I find in this work. In the process of doing so, I have been asked again when and where I sell my  jewelry. I’ve never had an answer for that question. Until now.

Ladies and gentlemen (but mostly ladies), I am very excited to introduce There Was Eden. The Twain quote above represents the mission of this enterprise better than any business plan ever could.

This site is where I plan to post new work for sale, as well as ideas, inspirations, and any other thoughts related to the process. I hope you’ll take a look around and come back when you can. This is all really just a lot of fun for me, and it’s even more fun to share it.

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